Little John – Winter


Occupancy: Up to 5 People | Available Everyday

 We call it “Glamping”

  • There is also an outhouse, a full stock of firewood, and a great view of Wheeler Peak and Gold Hill nearby. Use of the yurt also gives you access to Enchanted Forest’s trails at night! Just remember, you are on your own, so be cautious.
  • This is still camping in a tent, and WINTER CAMPING at that, not a hotel room. There is no room or maid service. Heat is provided by a wood stove, wood provided. It will still get cold overnight, but not as cold as a tent only. You must provide your own sleeping bag (at least 20º or colder rating recommended in winter and summer), pillow, food, and transport (ski or snowshoe in winter; feet or mountain bike in summer) to the yurt.
  • We provide a huge gear pulk in winter for helping transport your stuff to the yurt, and gear delivery by snowmobile is available for $50, Winters Only. Gear must fit in a 5x3x2 foot sled. $25 up charge if we have to use a larger sled for delivery. Please pack your gear for your yurt stay with this in mind. (Leave things you don’t need at the yurt in the car or at home. We have had people pack hair dryers for instance.)
  • Drinking water in winter is from melting snow, or better, you can bring bottled gallons of water available at any store for $1 to get you started. We recommend one gallon per person per day. In summer, we provide some water, but it is always a good idea to bring some with you.
  • Kitchen items, pots, pans, plates, silverware, etc. and a stove and lantern are provided in the yurt. See yurt instructions (link below) for a more comprehensive list.


  • Winter Rates Little John only $65 per night/group Monday through Thursday, $85 Friday. Saturday, Sunday, and holiday rate of $125. Up to 5 occupancy.
  • Holiday Rates Apply: Valentines/Presidents Weekend 2/16/18 through 2/19/18 and then over Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s

Add Ons

Gear Delivery

  • 1 sled – $50.00
  • Extra Large (More than 1 sled) $75.00

Only available during the winter season!

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