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a man is cross country skiing on a snow covered slope

Cross Country Skiing

Skinny skiing—aka cross-country skiing —is popular for all ages because it is accessible to beginners, it is affordable, and it is a fun way to enjoy winter!

One of the best things about the sport is its versatility — you can stroll at your own pace or go out for a serious workout; but regardless of how strenuous you make it, you’re still strengthening nearly every muscle in your body, including your glutes, core, back, chest shoulders arms and legs — all while enjoying the scenery.

While it is possible to go on your own and get the hang of the basic movement, you’ll learn faster and progress more quickly if someone teaches you. Additionally, a groomed area like Enchanted Forest offers the best environment to learn to cross-country ski — sort of like learning to kayak in a pond before heading for the rapids.

Frequently Asked Questions