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Snowshoeing EFXC

If you can walk, you can snowshoe, no matter what your age.

“You get to be in a beautiful outdoor environment in the winter,” our co-founder, the late Judy Miller said. “When you’re walking through the trees on a narrow trail you feel like you’re discovering new territory as opposed to trekking on roads or wider cross country ski trails.”

Snowshoeing is easy on the joints and about as strenuous as walking along a trail and, because snowshoes have good traction and don’t require the balance of, say, skiing, you can sight-see without fear.

Snowshoeing is also fun for families since most kids enjoy being on snow and exploring. Along with abundant animal tracks, you can watch for birds, deer, white snowshoe hare, or play tag!

Why snowshoe?

Newbies wonder why they can’t just hike. The simplest answer is this: Even on packed snow, your feet will sink. We call that “post holing” — it’s no fun for you, and it’s no fun for the people who come after you! Snowshoes distribute your weight over a larger area, preventing your feet from sinking into the snow.

Frequently Asked Questions