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Nordic Walking

NEW this summer!

Enchanted Forest is proud to introduce Nordic Walking to our friends and customers! This growing sport uses poles for a cross-country skiing fitness effect. In other words, it takes fitness walking to a new level by adding an incredible upper body workout. The result is increased endurance, a strengthened core, arms, chest, back, buttocks and legs, plus improved posture and flexibility — all while taking stress off your ankle, knee and hip joints.

According to Cross Country Skier Magazine, Nordic Walking was initially practiced in the 1930s by Finnish cross country skiers who used their poles during the summer season to maintain their endurance and fitness levels. The sport was formally launched in 1997 when Exel, a well-known manufacturer of ski poles, collaborated with the Finnish Health Institute to launch a new exercise program they called Nordic Walking.

These are NOT hiking poles!

Nordic Walking is not like hiking with your typical trekking poles. The sport uses special technique and specially designed poles that enhance the natural movement of walking to create extra power. Nordic Walking is great for anyone and is especially suitable for persons in middle age or older — or those who have concerns about joints, balance, or injury.

According to research, the sport exercises 90% of the major muscle groups, burns up to 40% more calories than regular walking. We provide the poles. You bring a good pair of walking, running or hiking shoes, and comfortable clothing.

EXEL Poles

EXEL of Finland introduced Nordic Walking to the world. Their Nordic Walking poles. which, when custom fit to your height, will prove safer, lighter, stronger, more durable and user friendly. One-piece walking poles are (mostly) hassle free and prove to be the best walking poles for seniors and those with balance issues — including those in physical therapy.


  • Nordic Walking Poles All Day — $10
  • Nordic Walking Poles 1/2 Day — $7


Guided Nordic Walking Tour

Includes Exel Nordic Walking Poles, a brief lesson on proper technique followed by a short tour with a knowledgeable (natural and human history) guide, and water.

Typical Distance and Time: 1-3 miles

Start Times: 10 a.m. 1:30 p.m.

Level of Difficulty: Easy – Moderate

Route: Based on fitness level and conditions

Ages 13 & Older — $75