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Dog Trails

Enchanted Forest presents an area especially for our four-footed friends with 5k of trails, smooth groomed for easier skiing and varying from 6 to 12 feet. The dog trails meander through a large meadow and circle through the trees back to the parking area. Most dogs leave the trail to “take a break” but if your pooch makes some “brown klister” in the trail, a stick and a flick helps keep the trails clean.

The dog trails are open to both skiers and snowshoers with their pet pals, no track is set because of the wear from paws and snowshoes. Leashes are required in the parking area and dogs must be in at least voice command on the dog trails. If your dog cannot “play nice” under voice command a leash will be required.

Dog trails are provided as a service of the Enchanted Forest for guests who want to ski or snowshoe with their dogs. Please respect the posted rules for the use of the dog trail system for the continued enjoyment of all our guests.

You are not required to have a dog to use trails. The dog trails are fun for all skiers and snowshoers.

* Click map to download pdf *

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