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How often?

At Enchanted Forest, we taking grooming seriously. After all, we ski the same trails you do. With over 30 years combined experience, our groomers know how to get things done. Our policy is simple: If it needs grooming, we groom it. Not every trail can be groomed every day, but something is groomed on the trail system nearly every day. And when it snows more than an inch, we groom the whole area every time, however big snows (12+ inches) may require more time.

If you ever have a problem with the grooming at Enchanted Forest, let a staff member know and we will get a groomer to take care of it.

What do we use?

Enchanted Forest trails are groomed with the latest technology in cross-country grooming machines, the Yellowstone Track Systems Ginzu Groomer. The Ginzu combined with rollers, and other machines allow for smooth skating lanes and a firm durable track for your skiing pleasure.